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Alive in Christ!

Jesus said: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”-John 10:10
Too often, we are lost: just “existing” or “going through the motions”.
But God has something bigger for us, and it’s found only through His Son.
Join us at Great Oaks in 2015 as we focus on being “Alive” in Christ!

Latest Church Blog Posts

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Bringing Our Baggage to Christ

This week’s church family article is shared by Larry Scott… Whatever the problem, or the baggage or the burden, Jesus said bring it all to Him. Recently one of our Elders in his public prayer petitioned the Father to take “our baggage” and make things right in our lives. I thought about that idea and […]

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This week’s church family blog article is shared by Becky Traywick… But how much are your words worth? Have you ever thought about it? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term “word” as: a sound or combination of sounds that has a meaning and is spoken or written a brief remark or conversation an order or […]

Recent Sermons

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The Struggle for Assurance

Sometimes as Christians we struggle to feel the confidence in our salvation that 1 John says we should have. What does the 1 John say about confidence in salvation, and what questions can we ask ourselves to reflect on whether we are right with God?

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Day by Day: Faith and Media

Television, phones, computers, the internet, and other media outlets have become a large part of our everyday lives. How should our Christian faith affect how we interact with our media?


Day by Day: Faith and My Job

Living for Jesus should affect every part of our lives, as we will explore the next few weeks. Our first topic: How should Christianity affect me in my job?