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Our 2016 Theme: Lifting Up the King

Under questioning by Pilate, Jesus acknowledged what heaven already knew: “You say correctly that I am a king” (John 18:37).  Revelation 19:16 would later describe Jesus as “King of Kings.”  Our king was lifted up on a cross.  He was lifted up from the grave.  He was lifted up to the right hand of the Father.  Now He is lifted up in His church.  Join us in 2016 as we strive to follow Jesus Christ, “Lifting up the King!”

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Jesus hand

AM – What Kind of a Man is This?

When we are facing struggles in life, simply watching Jesus work may be just the encouragement we need. Let’s revisit the power of Jesus in Matthew chapter 8…

Light picture

PM – Go and Make Disciples: We Believe Therefore We Speak

Jesus says that His disciples should be “light” for the world. In part, that means we help show others the way – and that means we must speak words of encouragement into their lives. How can we best share and speak the gospel to those around us?

Galilee Mountain

AM – The Character of the Kingdom

As Jesus begins His ministry, He travels around proclaiming the “gospel of the kingdom.” What did that mean? Well, Jesus began by teaching about the lifestyle that would characterize His coming kingdom…