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Our 2017 Theme: “Hope in God”

Sometimes we struggle to hope.  As Psalm 42:11 says it, we sometimes wonder “Why are you in despair, O my soul?  And why have you become disturbed within me?”  Notice his answer for despair in the next line:  “Hope in God.”  Hope is one of Scripture’s greatest themes, a powerful quality that becomes unbreakable when it is set firmly upon the promises of God.  Join us in 2017 as we strive to build stronger hope.  No matter what life throws at us, let’s determine ourselves to “Hope in God!”

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Aaron by Jen Farmer Last week in my daily Bible reading, I came cross Exodus 28, which gives the details for Aaron’s priestly garments. There are 43 verses describing the ephod, the breast piece, robes, sashes, etc. The color of each stone and what it represents is listed. The specific location of where each spice…

God’s Photo Shop

“God’s Photo Shop” by Carren Marvin Admittedly, I am a logophile. I love words! When I was in grad school, common internet usage was still in nascent stages, so I spent hours inhaling mold and dust from the turgid volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in the university library as I researched. The OED…

Not Now, Just Not Right Now

Not Now, Just Not Right Now This blog article is shared by Becky Traywick…              The other day, while walking through the store, my children were asking for some gum. I had no problem with them getting it, but we needed to get a few other things before checking out where they could choose their…

Recent Sermons

PM – The Voices of Life

In Proverbs chapters 1 through 9, we see different “voices” trying to lead others down different life paths.  There are many different voices in our world today as well, all of them trying to influence us one way or another.  This evening we talk about those different voices in our life, and about taking responsibility for who we decide to listen to.  Amidst a world of differing voices, how do we choose the right path?

AM – Living the 2nd Commandment: With Difficult People

In the month of May, we are reminding ourselves how important it is to live out what Jesus called the “second commandment:” Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.  But some people are easier to show love to than others.  Do you have difficult people in your life?  God expects us to treat even difficult people with the love of God…how can we do that?

PM – A New Testament (& Old Testament?) Christian

There is often confusion in the religious world about the biblical relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Does the Bible really teach that we are not under the Old Testament law anymore?  If so, does that mean we should throw our Old Testaments away?  Let’s explore what the Bible says about the place of the Old Testament in the Christian faith…