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Alive in Christ!

Jesus said: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”-John 10:10
Too often, we are lost: just “existing” or “going through the motions”.
But God has something bigger for us, and it’s found only through His Son.
Join us at Great Oaks in 2015 as we focus on being “Alive” in Christ!

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This week’s thought is shared by Don Hutson… While the specific experiences were not the same, my new friend and Lazarus have one thing in common. They have been forever changed by their experience. They view their life from a different perspective. “What is it like to be resurrected, Lazarus?” asked the cub reporting from […]

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Choosing Christ

This week’s blog article is shared by Ricardo Fredericks… …knowing that Christ has already chosen us, my prayer is for all of us to choose Christ each and every day. If I were to challenge you to keep count of how many choices you make in any given day, you probably would not be able […]

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Have you ever noticed that children can make friends with just about anyone? They seek out those they do not know, and they can hold a conversation with the best of them. Honesty is always their best policy. Kids will talk with people of all ages and skin color; economic status and religious background mean […]

Recent Sermons

God Where Are You

Questions: God, Where Are You?

This morning we consider one of the most commonly asked question-types in the Bible: where is God when we are hurting. Let’s ask those who have gone before us what they found out about God in times when He seems silent…

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Questions: Who Made You a Ruler and Judge?

Moses was pushed away from sharing God’s truth with this question we often still hear today. How can we share the gospel in a “don’t judge me” culture?

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Questions: Who Do You Say That I Am?

This morning we study a question Jesus asked His disciples; a foundational question that every person must answer for themselves…