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“Let Us Arise and Build” – Our Theme for 2023

After a long period of difficulty, Nehemiah gathered God’s people together and told them that it was time to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Their response showed their hearts and their faith: “Let us arise and build!” (Neh. 2:17-18). Join us in 2023 as we recommit ourselves to building our faith, building our relationships, and building up God’s people!

Last Fall’s 40 Days of Prayer

Day 40 of 40 Days of Prayer NOVEMBER 24, 2022 (Thanksgiving Day)

“And Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the Lord; My horn is exalted in the Lord. I smile at my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation. “No one is holy like the Lord, For there is none besides You, Nor is  there any rock like our God. “Talk no more so very proudly; Let no arrogance come from your mouth, For the Lord is the God of knowledge;…

Day 39 of 40 Days of Prayer November 23, 2022

 “….God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.”  (I John 1:5b  KJV)  THE BLESSING OF LIGHT I do not like my power to go out during the night.  So, I keep other light sources handy just in case that happens.  Even in familiar surroundings, navigating in darkness can be scary and dangerous.  I grew…

Day 38 of 40 Days of Prayer November 22, 2022

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” (Isaiah 26:4) Kim Dismuke I once heard a preacher ask “ What comes to your mind when you hear a particular name? He said, “If that name is Hitler, what comes to mind?” And I thought, evil, dictator, genocide and war. The…

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