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Our 2019 Theme: Seeing the Big Picture

Some things are important in life, and some things just aren’t. Too often, we put lots of effort and worry into things that – when we stop to think about it – don’t really matter much in the big picture. Jesus continually challenges us to think about the eternal “big picture,” with teachings like: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

Join us in 2019 as we try to think about the big picture more, re-focusing ourselves on the things that really matter, eternally. As part of that journey, we will study the “Big Picture” of the Bible on many of our Sunday mornings, piecing together the major parts of the biblical storyline, and learning from the story of God’s work in His world. It’s going to be a great year of getting the most important things back where they need to be – we hope you can join us!

Latest Church Blog Posts

Thoughts On Palm Sunday

  By: Carren Marvin You may or may not celebrate the Lenten season, Palm Sunday, or Easter. I have mixed feelings about American holiday traditions, but the week before Easter seems a welcome opportunity to reflect on a significant day in Christian history.   On the day that has become known to us as Palm…

What Is My Purpose?

Retirement is that day in the far future that everyone looks forward to. No alarm clocks, no rush hour traffic, no meetings. But I loved my work in education. I loved learning myself and felt it was meaningful and gave me a sense of purpose. When the day for me to retire came in December,…

A Fraction of a Christian 

  By: Haley Wilson It is so very easy to become a fraction of a Christian, but is that what we are commanded to do? Can you be a Christian a quarter of the time? Are you giving half the effort God deserves? Are you only coming to services half the time? Are you attending…

Recent Sermons

AM – Should Someone Ever Be “Re-Baptized?”

In our divided religious world, most people say that baptism doesn’t really matter. But what does the Bible say? And if it’s important to God in the Bible, how can I make sure I’ve been baptized the way God commands me to?

PM – What Will Heaven Be Like?

Tonight we explore another requested topic, and for those of us who know the power and the promises of God, it’s one of our favorites…

AM – The Patriarchal Age: Joseph

This morning we complete our overview of the Patriarchal Age of Scripture, which ends with one of the most incredible lives ever lived. What happened in Joseph’s life, and what does it tell us about sin and about God’s promises?