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Day 40, Thursday, November 16


Today’s thought is shared anonymously…

“But I cry to you for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you.” (Psalm 88:13)

I roll over and stare at my alarm clock, knowing that it has gone off repeatedly. What am I thinking? Get yourself up, shower and go, go, go. It’s time to start another day. So, I quickly jump up, shower, grab a bite to eat, pack my lunch and reach for the door handle. It’s then that it hits me. I forgot to pray. Satan quickly whispers, it’s okay. You can do it later. And, guess what, later is where my morning prayer gets placed. After all, I really need to get to work right now.

The crisp, fall air hits me as I open the door. The smell of autumn is in the air. Beautifully colored leaves line the driveway to my car. The green grass and shrubs are putting on their fall colors. I watch fleetingly as the wind gently blows through the trees that have already given up so many of their leaves. It’s almost as if I can hear God saying, “I’m still here my child. I’ll wait for you.” I whisper a quick “I’m sorry and I promise to pray just as soon as I can.”

At work everyone is in a really good mood and it seems as if they are all making plans for Thanksgiving. I listen to the excitement in their voices but my mind keeps going back to how I started my morning. Right that moment, I vow to change starting right now. I promise to do better. When I got home, the first thing I did was change my alarm clock so I could wake up early enough to spend some time with my Lord in prayer. After all, I had so many mornings to make up for because I had been putting my morning prayer on a back burner.

The next morning came just as early as before but it had a different schedule this time. I awoke and fell out of bed straight to my knees. I thanked God for all the ‘little blessings’ He gives me every day. I thanked Him for His Son who gave His precious life for me so I could have the hope of eternity. My hope comes from the Lord who made Heaven and earth.

Father in Heaven, creator of the heavens & the earth, please continue to remind me that my prayer time is always important – morning, noon, and night. Thank you for Loving me. In His name I pray. Amen



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