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Day 9 – Thursday, October 11, 2018

Day 9 – Trust in the Lord

Today’s thought is shared by Stephanie (Ziggy) Goodman…

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, & do not lean on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5 )

During the last week of December 2012 Rob & I had a physical. Rob was perfectly healthy. I was healthy with the exception of what they called a “small nodule” on my thyroid. I had not had any problems except a few swallowing issues. When we left the office I was very quiet, so many things were going through my head. I stopped at the store & bought Haley an ornament for her lime green tree for next Christmas. While driving home by myself it hit me….”What if I am not here to help Haley put her tree up next year?” I burst into tears. I am not afraid to die by any means, because I know I have a home in Heaven. I just want to see my kids grow up & have a Christian family of their own. At this point I knew the devil had planted the seed of doubt in my mind & I felt a strong urgency to pray. I pulled over & did just that. At that moment a feeling of calmness came over me. I told myself I was not going to worry, because I know this could be a long road. I decided that every time I felt doubt or worry creeping in I would stop & pray. I knew I had to have faith that God would take care of me & my family.

The next step was an appointment with an endocrinologist to have an ultrasound guided needle biopsy. They did find 3 nodules with one being over 2.5 cm. So they biopsied the biggest two. The entire ordeal was just uncomfortable. The next several days brought a lot of waiting & more waiting. The days seemed to crawl by. Then I got the call. The doctor said the cells were “suspicious”. When I questioned what that meant he said they were not positive for cancer but they were not clear. He suggested removing my thyroid so they could test further for cancer. He said to me “If you were my daughter I would tell you to have it removed as soon as possible because there is no guarantee what it will be in 3 months.” So of course my response was “When is surgery?”  He said he would have the surgeon call me the next day.

When we met the surgeon he came in the room & asked Rob to move over so he could sit by me and we could both see. He started explaining what I had & what he was going to do. He drew on a diagram, wrote notes & made a copy of it for me & Rob. He answered all of our questions. He was very thorough. We felt confident that God had chosen this doctor for me. The day of surgery we took both the kids to school. The doctor came in to talk to us at pre-op & asked us to pray with him. I felt in very good hands. Surgery went well & they released me from the hospital the next morning.

Now it was time for recovery & another waiting game.  The doctor said we should have the results by Monday. Well Monday came & went & no results. Tuesday morning, January 31st is a morning I will never forget. I received a call from the surgeon telling me I have Follicular Thyroid Cancer. I was a little shocked at the news, but even more shocked at how very calm I was. I had many questions as far as treatment & where we go from there, but my overall response was very calm. Everyone who knows me knows I worry about everything & I’m very sensitive.  I had a new found confidence in my faith. A few weeks back I told God I was giving it all to him because I knew I was not strong enough to handle it. He had taken all my worries & fears away. I do not question “why this has happened?” because I know why!!  I have learned that God is there for me & is going to take care of me all I have to do is truly let go of it & give it to him. This year I am 7 years cancer free! God is good & in control, we just have to give it to him!

Dear Lord, Please help  my friends and family to learn from my experience that prayer is powerful and can transform their life. In Jesus name Amen! Ziggy Goodman



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