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Day 20 – Monday, October 22, 2018

Day 20 – GOD’S WORD

Today’s thought is shared by Amy McKay…

Have you read through the Bible in a year? If so, that’s awesome! This is a goal that I really want to accomplish because I know how important it is to read and study God’s word every day. So, I’ve set out to read the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation at least 10 times. I always start off really excited and ready to go in January. Somehow, by mid-March, my enthusiasm wanes and I slack off. I fall behind then I give up altogether. Well, this year, I prayed before I ever started to read the first verse of Genesis. I prayed that God would gently “remind” me every day to complete my reading for the day (those who know me know that my memory is terrible). I adopted the word “transformed” as my key word for this year since we were using it here at Great Oaks. Well, miraculously (or providentially, to be honest), God has reminded me every day this year to do my daily reading! I am over 260 days into reading through the Bible this year and it has transformed me. Am I a perfect Christian now? Absolutely not! But, I do know that I’m closer to the kind of Christian God wants me to be than I was 260 days ago. God’s word is so powerful and can transform us if we take the time to “hide it in our hearts”.

Thank you God for reminding us of the transforming power of your words. Please help us to study and meditate on your holy scriptures and allow them to change our hearts so that we can be who you desire us to be. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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