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Day 25 – Saturday, October 27, 2018

Day 25

Today’s thought is shared by Steve Grinder…

In my late twenty’s Kerri was attending a local congregation and I was avoiding committing my life to the Lord. An older former elder as well as the minister at the time took a strong interest in me after I had visited a few times. After several catfish lunches with casual (sometimes intense) bible study and debate I began to understand the importance of my faith and service to God. At the time I could not imagine how this would transform my life as well as others in the future. Through that simple act of kindness, concern, bible study, encouragement and patience from Kerri I was baptized and began committing my life to the Lord. As I reflect on that I look how far reaching mine and Kerri’s faith has been. Our boys have become strong Christians serving the Lord as youth minister intern, youth and family minister, bible majors and good strong Christian men. We are fortunate to have gained two strong, faithful daughters through our boys meeting them at Christian universities. I wonder with the bible studies, baptisms, camps, retreats mission trips and other avenues of service how many lives have and will be changed due to the transformation in my life. I am thankful first for the encouragement, patience, love and support Kerri has provided for me. As well I am so thankful to this congregation for the love and support you have shown for our family. Every time we walk through the doors or receive a call or card we are reminded how blessed we are to be a part of God’s kingdom here. Remember to be an encouragement to everyone you come in contact with. You just may be the person that helps them to be transformed and reach many souls in the future that you will never see.

Lord thank you for bringing people into my life that helped me to understand the importance of loving and serving you. Thank you for my special wife and children that have been a great encouragement to me. Lord I pray that you will continue to give me and my family the strength and wisdom to continue to grow and be transformed daily and reflect Christ in our lives. Lord thank you for this church and the encouragement that is given every day to help others be strong and to transform their lives to become stronger more faithful Christians in your service. Lord I pray the we never stop striving to be transformed to reflect you and that all we do will honor your holy name. In Christ Name I Pray


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