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Day 26 – Sunday, October 28, 2018


Today’s thought is shared by Brenda Amon…

Jonah is referred to as a prophet and servant of God during the reign of Jeroboam in II Kings 14:25. He lived after the time of the prophet Elisha and before Amos and Hosea. When God calls Jonah to preach to the wicked Ninevites, he decides to turn down the assignment. In fact, Ninevah is in the northeast and Jonah ran to the west heading for a place called Tarshish – just the opposite direction that God told him to go. Now Jonah is a prophet. He knows the power of God but still he runs down to Joppa where he finds a ship sailing to Tarshish. He paid his ticket and went down into the ship to hide from the presence of the Lord. God sent a terrific storm and beat upon the ship unmercifully. All of the sailors were frightened and they all began to pray to their gods. They lightened the ship by throwing lots of stuff overboard but still the storm prevailed. During this time, Jonah was fast asleep. The captain came to Jonah and asked him how he could be sleeping with the storm. Quick, get up and cry out to your God and maybe we won’t perish. So they started to cast lots to know who was causing the evil storm. The lot fell on Jonah. They begged him to tell him what evil was upon them, what is your job, where’d you come from, what people and country. Jonah said he was a Hebrew and he was afraid of the Lord. All of the men were frightened and asked why he hadn’t told them he was running from God. Jonah told them to throw him overboard but they wouldn’t. They tried so hard to row to land but when they couldn’t, they begged God to spare him and pitched him over the side. God prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah up where he lived for 3 days and nights while God transformed his direction. After the fish vomited him on dry land, God told him once again to go to Ninevah to preach. It was a 3 day journey. His sermon consisted of 8 words: “Yet 40 days and Ninevah shall be overthrown.” All of the people repented and God spared them. Jonah was so angry and begged God to take his life. Jonah went outside the city and sat down hoping to die as he watched to see what was going to happen. God took care of Jonah through his anger and he spared the city. God knew Jonah’s heart and knew he was the one to send to save the city even though Jonah rebelled.

Dear God, thank you for the story of Jonah. Thank you for showing us the human side of the prophets and how they were just like us as they lived and walked on this earth. Forgive me when I fail. Thank you for loving and taking care of me. In Jesus’ name always, Amen.



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