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Day 38 – Friday, November 9, 2018

Day 38 – Our Hope In Prayer

Today’s thought is reprinted from our 2017 Prayer Booklet…written by Carren Marvin…

Today begins our 24 hour Prayer Vigil!  November 9th – 10th, 2018

There’s an urgent list folded up inside my Bible. Every day I pull it out, unfold it, and beg God to remember His promise to hear and answer our prayers. The words of 1 John 5:14 – 15 are my hope, but—truth be told—I sometimes wrestle with verse 15, and there have been dark moments in my life when Mark 11:24 seemed like a cruel joke. My faith plummeted, and my feelings were hurt by the God who seemed to have broken His promises.

Ever merciful and patient with our myopic perspectives, God often shows us more of Himself in these moments. We think we need answers; He knows we need Jesus. We think we need action in the moment; He knows we need action for eternity. Worldly comfort and convenience are not priorities for God unless providing them will bring us closer to His heart.

I return to this understanding many times a day. You see, on most days when I open my Bible and take out my list, I do not see much evidence that God is “answering” my prayer. Lord, please don’t forget! I cry. Sometimes I scribble out some addendum, and then I frantically run back to God to update Him. I close my eyes and rest on the hope that Scripture gives us in prayer, and I picture my list taped to God’s refrigerator. Because I believe He is Who He says He is, I have learned to trust that He is answering my prayers every time He opens the door for a glass of milk.

Dearest Father, help me to remember that you simply will not break your promises. Thank you for being     patient with me as I learn how to trust you completely. Amen.


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