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Day 31 – Friday, November 1, 2019

Today’s thought is shared by Terri Arnett (pictured with her mom, Juanita Campbell)…

What Is A Kindness?

“And they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his suffering was very great. (Job 2:13 ESV)

We often think of kindness being that special, spectacular thing someone does for you, but that wasn’t true for me. Several years ago two friends came to the hospital and just sat with me when my mom had been there for more than a month. They brought me a sandwich, sat in the hospital waiting room, and listened as I wallowed in pity over why God was putting me in that spot right then. They listened and then wrapped their arms around me and prayed. My strength was renewed and I was able to push on through the struggle of caring for my mom a while longer. While studying Job I was reminded of his three friends who came to comfort him. They showed sorrow by rending their clothes and putting ashes on their heads. Then just sat with him for seven days and seven nights without saying a word. We can’t imagine going that long just being silent! That is exactly what my friends did that night. They sat with me and just listened. No criticisms or advice. Just sat and were quiet. I remember feeling someone did care about me, my two friends and God. We often don’t need grandiose gestures, but someone to just sit with us and let us know they care and to remind us God does too. Don’t know what to say or do when some one you care about is hurting? Just sit, be quiet and listen.

Father, let me show your love to someone that needs to know you still care for them. Amen


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