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40 Days of Prayer

It’s one of the best things we do all year!  This year’s 40 Days of Prayer shares our church theme for 2018: “Transformation.”  Our “Prayer Season” has 3 pieces to it:

1. Our 40 Days of Prayer, October 3rd-November 11.  Emphasizing our daily, private prayer lives for 40 Days,  and committing ourselves to spend more time in personal prayer.  We have prayer devo thoughts written by our members for each day, which are intended to encourage us in our prayers.  The daily prayer thoughts are posted each morning on our church blog,  and we also link to the blog daily through our Great Oaks social media accounts and email updates.

2. Our 24 Hour Prayer Vigil, November 9-10.  We will take prayer requests from both members and friends as we get closer to the November Prayer Weekend, and we will sign up for 1-hour Prayer Times to  pray through the prayer requests.  There will be someone (or multiple someones) praying through the prayer requests for 24 straight hours.  We have prayer request cards in the lobby, but you may also submit prayer requests here: http://www.greatoaks.org/prayer/

3.  Our Praying for Memphis Sunday, November 11.  We end the 40 Days with Praying for Memphis Sunday.  Our morning worship will be focused on asking God’s blessing on our community, and asking that He help us shine His light in the Memphis area.  We will have a potluck lunch following our morning worship.  We will also have several service opportunities that weekend.

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