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Great Oaks Ladies Ministry is designed to help build community and faith among our ladies of all ages. Here are some of the activities that make up this ministry:

  • Ladies Nights Out – Our ladies will get together several times a year for a “Ladies Night Out,” which is usually a weeknight of eating dinner together, occasionally having a special creative activity along with it. This gives our ladies the opportunity to get to know each other better and build closer friendships.
  • Ladies Retreat – Once a year in the fall months, we have a “Ladies Retreat,” a Friday night and Saturday morning together for fellowship, food, and faith encouragement.   In the past, these have varied between ‘out-of-town’ retreats and ‘stay-in-town’ retreats. These weekends include special lessons geared toward building stronger faith in our ladies.
  • Ladies Day – Once a year in the spring months, we have a Great Oaks Ladies Day, a Saturday of encouraging each other, including times for worship, food, and crafts.
  • Heartfelt -This is a program where the wiser moms of the congregation are hosting and sharing their wisdom with the younger sisters of the congregation. These groups meet once a month in the homes of members. It is a time of devotional, fellowship, and fun.
  • Wednesday Night Ladies Bible Class – We also have a 7 pm Wednesday Night Ladies Class during the fall, winter, and spring months (September through May, with a break for our auditorium Summer Series in the summer months). Our ladies class is a popular one, with a variety of topics discussed in an encouraging atmosphere.
  • Thursday Morning Ladies Prayer Group – Our Thursday morning ladies prayer group meets at 8 am, for a time of sharing prayer requests and lifting them up to God together.
  • GOLD Groups – GOLD (Great Oaks Ladies are Dedicated) groups help organize food for those who are sick or hurting. All our ladies are divided up into GOLD groups, which take responsibility for helping out those who live in their area. They are contacted to help as needs arise.
  • Ladies Care Group – This group of ladies meets once every 3 months to reach out and encourage our shut-ins with a visit and special delivery.
  • Spanish-speaking Ladies Wednesday Night Bible Class – At 7 pm on Wednesday nights in the spring and summer months (March-August), we have a ladies Bible class for our Spanish-speaking ladies.
  • Spanish-Speaking Ladies Dinner and Devo – On the 3rd Friday of every month, our Spanish-speaking ladies host a meal and devotional time in each other’s homes. All ladies are welcome, and when English-speaking ladies can come, the devotional is translated into English.

If you have questions about being involved with our ladies ministry, please contact our church office (office@greatoaks.org), and they can help you get started.

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