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Spanish Speaking


After years of praying for ways to reach out to the growing Spanish-speaking population in Memphis, 14 Spanish-speaking families became part of the Great Oaks family in September 2013.  And so we began a new goal for our congregation: “Two Languages, One Faith.”  Our goal is not to be two different congregations in the same building, but rather to be one united church, under one eldership, working and serving together in true Christian fellowship.

Our bilingual fellowship has blessed us more than any of us could have imagined!  Seeing living faith in fellow Christians of a different language has encouraged all of us, and seeing everyone pursue genuine fellowship across language barriers has strengthened our sense of Christian family. We share fellowship activities together, we share in outreach efforts for both languages, and a couple times a year we worship together in both English and Spanish, which are always great reminders of the special unity we share.  We pray that God will continue to bless us as we try to live out “Two Languages, One Faith.”

Our weekly Spanish speaking services are:

 9 am Sunday Mornings – Bible Classes
10 am Sunday Mornings – Worship

5 pm Sunday Afternoons – Worship

 7 pm Wednesday Evenings – Bible Classes

To see our Spanish page (the one in Spanish!), click here


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