A Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Family-oriented church committed to God, each other, and our community.

Family Bible Study

We understand the importance of kids growing spiritually, together, with their families.  In today’s fast-paced world, we can get caught up in sports, entertainment and education. These distractions and others can easily push God to the bottom of our “To Do” list.

Aside from our special events and activities that focus on the family unit, each week a different Bible Study is made accessible for families to read through together. These Bible studies, though only lasting from 5-15 minutes can help families stay refocused God and how a life centered on Jesus is truly rewarding. We also have quarterly Bible classes that are created for kids and their parents to grow and learn in the same setting.  (Picture- FamilyBS1)

{Click here for this weeks Bible study}

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