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Online Sermons (Page 4)

PM – Hiding From God

When we try to hide our sins what do we hope to accomplish? Do we hope to deceive everyone around us? Ourselves? God? We are not pulling the wool over God’s eyes, so let’s stop trying to. King David gives us a great example of how we can react to sin. Let’s not make some of the same mistakes he did.

AM – The Second Commandment

This morning we look at what Jesus called the second commandment: love your neighbor as yourself. It’s an idea simple enough to teach to our children, but one that’s often difficult to truly put into practice. Let’s explore 3 things that make it difficult to love our neighbors, and how we can overcome them to live out this essential part of our faith…

PM – A Heart for the Poor

Christianity has always been known for helping the poor, but sometimes Christians or churches get frustrated at the complexities of what truly helps. We may not have all the answers, but let’s look around the Bible, reminding ourselves of how God wants us to feel toward those who are in need…

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