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I Love You and Can Make You So Much More…

With Valentine’s Day coming up we are thinking about love and our loved ones.  We give gifts to show love to our significant others. I would like to focus for a moment on the love Jesus has for us. Tim was preaching a sermon on Sunday and the scripture that was used was Luke 5: 6 – 11. Jesus has just blessed Peter, James and John with the largest catch, probably of their career, as fisherman. Peter is so moved by this occurrence that he says, “depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord”. I got to thinking of what this catch would have meant to Peter. This was Peter’s livelihood.  The fishing cities around the Mediterranean Sea didn’t have a free/ open market economy like we think of some cities in modern day Europe. These first century fishermen had to pay for licenses, pay for tolls to transport their product, and any extra materials they needed. They were also often given the better fishing areas and higher status according to this amount of fish they could bring to their middleman. This catch that Jesus blessed Peter, James, and John with would have changed their lives. I think Peter realized this and realized how undeserving he was of this gift and of Jesus’s love. Jesus says “Do not be afraid”. He essentially tells Peter, you are worthy. Now you must be a fisher of men. Jesus knew Peter wanted to follow Him and gave Peter a great gift. I am confident that Jesus’s gift was unconditional. Jesus wouldn’t have made the giant catch of fish disappear had Peter decided to take it to market. But Jesus also essentially told Peter, I love you and I can make you so much more. We know Peter, James and John left everything they had on the shore to follow Jesus. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day let us remember Jesus’s boundless love and the gifts He gives to all of us.


February Blog Article by: Aaron Anderson

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