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Randy and Kathy Short and the Work in Recife, Brazil

Keeping Up… Send them an email of encouragement: …randy.kathyshort@gmail.com Check out their latest update: August-October 2015  About the Shorts and Their Work… Here’s the website for the EBNESR school in Recife that teaches the Bible and trains preachers to spread the gospel (it’s in Portuguese, of course!):  http://ebnesr.com.br/  

Costa Rica

The Rojas Family and the Church in Barva, Costa Rica

Keeping Up… Send them an email of encouragement! … Here are some recent updates on their work: 3rd Quarter 2015 About the Rojas Family and the Barva Church… Joaquin and Juanita Rojas moved to the United States with their 4 sons in January of 2000 to attend the Memphis School of Preaching. During their time…


The Reaves Family and the Church in Cusco, Peru

Keeping up… Send Gary and Jennifer an email of encouragement! … Check out their latest report update: About the Reaves Family Gary and Jennifer Reaves… About Cusco The city of Cusco is located in the Andes mountains of southern Peru just 50 miles from the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, one of the new wonders of…

Mickey Barker

Mickey Barker grew up in Paris, TN & graduated from David Lipscomb University in 1991. He & his wife Michele have been married since March of 1996. They have two children, Ryan & Emma. Mickey served as a deacon at Great Oaks for several years where he worked with Focus and LeBonheur Baskets. He began…

Tim Alsup

I began serving as Great Oaks’ Preaching Minister in October, 2005, and we have loved Great Oaks and the Memphis community!  I believe strongly in the transforming power of God and His word, and I love the process of God’s people (me included) growing to be both more faithful and more missional.  Outside of ministry,…