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Costa Rica

The Rojas Family and the Church in Barva, Costa Rica

Keeping Up…

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Here are some recent updates on their work: 3rd Quarter 2015

About the Rojas Family and the Barva Church…

Rojas 2Joaquin and Juanita Rojas moved to the United States with their 4 sons in January of 2000 to attend the Memphis School of Preaching. During their time in Memphis, they attended the Rosemark Church of Christ. When it was time to go back to Costa Rica, they approached the Rosemark elders about supporting them to start a new church in their hometown of Barva, Costa Rica. The elders liked the idea and met with the elders at Great Oaks to see if we would be interested in helping in this good work. After we met the Rojas family, we knew this was something we wanted to do. So, in August of 2005, Joaquin, Juanita and the 2 youngest boys moved back to start a church in Barva. They had their first services in October of that year. They had six in attendance, the Rojas family, an elder and youth minister from Rosemark. From that first service till now, the church has grown to over 80 members.

In 2008, their oldest son, Diego, graduated from Freed Hardeman University and moved back to Costa Rica. Once he got back he became very involved in the work at Barva. He had a full time job, but worked with the youth group and preached some. After he had been back 2 years, the elders at Rosemark and Great Oaks approached Diego about working for the church at Barva full time. Together, Joaquin and Diego have made a great team.

Each summer, one of the elders at Great Oaks, Kenny Harris, leads a mission team to Costa Rica. This team conducts a Gospel meeting each night, VBS each morning, ladies devotionals, basketball camps, door knocking and light construction work. This outreach has brought several families to the church.

All four sons and two daughter in laws are all very active in the Lord’s church in Barva. They are all very helpful as translators during the mission trips.

Visit their website at www.iglesiadecristo.cr