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Sermons on Acts (Page 2)

PM – The Trip that Changed Saul’s Life

Last Sunday night we began our annual fall Sunday night study of a Bible life, and this year we are walking through the life of the apostle Paul. Tonight we see Saul’s life change forever, in a way that surprised him and everyone else. How did Christ turn around someone who hated Christians so much, and what do we learn from the amazing events of Acts chapter 9?

PM – Introducing Saul: Chief of Sinners

Tonight we begin a Sunday night study through the life of Paul. Paul’s life of commitment and passion for Christ inspires us, and God worked through him to help change the world, through his zeal for evangelism and writing many books of our New Testament. But Paul himself started at a very different place. Let’s explore the life of Saul before he became a Christian…

AM – Adventures in Bible Reading: Finding Life on a Desert Road

We are transformed by “renewing our mind” (Romans 12:2), and the path to renewing our mind requires a lot of time with the word of God. This morning we begin a 4-lesson series entitled “Adventures in Bible Reading,” encouraging us to spend more time with God’s word as we explore times in Scripture when “Bible-reading” made something happen. This morning, we begin in Acts chapter 8, where a nobleman found salvation in an unlikely place…