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Sermons on Luke (Page 3)

AM – Celebrate: Home

Today we celebrate Great Oaks’ 25-year Homecoming!  The theme for the weekend is “celebrate.”  We studied “Celebrate: Forgiveness” in our Bible classes, a study of Jesus’ parables in Luke chapter 15.  Here in our morning sermon, we follow up the Luke 15 study with a look at what the prodigal son came back to.  What can “Celebrate: Home” tell us about God and the church?

AM – A Changed Life

Tonight we begin our Vacation Bible School!  This year’s VBS theme is “Peter’s Perseverance,” studying some big events in the biblical life of Peter.  As we begin our week, this morning we will see how Peter began following Jesus in the first place, and see what we can learn about what happens when we choose to follow Jesus in our own lives…

PM – Jesus and Our Kids

After worship tonight, we are recognizing and celebrating our young people who were involved in this weekend’s Lads-to-Leaders Convention.  As we end another L2L season of youth-training, let’s think about the great responsibility we have for our next generation, and let’s see what we learn about young people from the life of Jesus…