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Sermons on Proverbs

PM – Character Traits in Proverbs: Honesty

We have been reading through Proverbs in our Sunday night extended Scripture readings.  Many of the Proverbs describe the character traits that a follower of God should develop, and one of the most commonly mentioned traits is honesty.  How does our honesty affect our relationship with God, and how does it affect our life paths?  Let’s see what Proverbs says about this valuable (and sometimes rare) quality…

PM – The Voices of Life

In Proverbs chapters 1 through 9, we see different “voices” trying to lead others down different life paths.  There are many different voices in our world today as well, all of them trying to influence us one way or another.  This evening we talk about those different voices in our life, and about taking responsibility for who we decide to listen to.  Amidst a world of differing voices, how do we choose the right path?