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Matthew's Gospel - Lifting Up the King 2016

AM – The Lord’s Supper

In an upper room somewhere in Jerusalem, Jesus instituted a memorial act that Christians still continue each Sunday in His memory. Let’s see what Jesus did, let’s answer a couple of questions people ask about the Lord’s Supper, and then let’s consider our attitudes in taking the Lord’s Supper today…

AM – Hosanna to the King

Jesus has now been teaching His apostles that He will die and be raised again. As He enters Jerusalem for the final week before He dies, He enters in a way that probably surprised the religious leaders, and may surprise us as well. What can we learn from Jesus’ “grand entrance” into Jerusalem?

AM – Time for the Plan

It has become obvious to everyone that Jesus is a powerful teacher and a miracle worker, but what’s His plan? Is He the Messiah or not? In Matthew 16, Jesus begins to tell His apostles about His plan, which would produce a kingdom even greater than they could’ve imagined…