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The Old Me and the New Me - Summer 2018

AM – The Old Me and the New Me: My Attitude Toward Others

This morning we complete our Sunday morning series on “The Old Me and the New Me” from Ephesians chapter 4.  We end with verses 31-32, which show us two very different ways we can relate to other people.  In a sinful world where people will hurt us, will my attitude  be like the “old self,” or can I grow to where the “new me” treats others more like Christ?

AM – The Old Me and the New Me

Our 2018 theme is “Transformed,” and this morning we begin a Sunday morning series on one of the Bible’s great transformation passages: Ephesians 4:17-32. In this first lesson, we study verses 17-24, where Paul lays out the big picture of how Christian transformation occurs. Hopefully it will challenge us to ask: am I allowing myself to continually be transformed in Christ?