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Sermons on God's Love

PM – What Has He Done For Me?

The more we read and get into His word, the more we can understand what God has done for us through Christ. But often times, it is hard to see these blessings especially (1) when we feel so worthless, undeserving, and guilty because we know we are not living right or (2) when our life is filled with pain and suffering. Let’s revisit the type of God we serve and what He has done for us, so that we can not only encourage ourselves but also be prepared to encourage others.

PM – Reclaiming Biblical Words: Celebrating Salvation in Romans 3

God gave us so many great spiritual terms in the Bible, and some are easier to discuss than others. Tonight we dig in to some of the ones that are lesser known, by studying one of the great passages on salvation in the New Testament. Hopefully, reflecting on the concepts in Romans 3:21-26 will help us appreciate salvation as much as Paul did…