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Sermons on Grace

AM – Living Out God’s Grace

The gospel of God’s grace is the world’s best message! But the New Testament shows us that Christians don’t always live out God’s grace like they should. What are some wrong ways to live in God’s grace, and what does the Bible says it should look like?

AM – Nothing Less

What gives us hope for eternal life? Our own goodness? Our own strength? As the song says, our hope is built on “nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” Let’s explore how a deeper trust in Jesus’ blood gives us stronger hope in heaven…

Changing the Status Quo

We tend to measure the goodness or righteousness of people around us in human terms.  The status quo that we have come to accept is to compare ourselves to righteousness of another human rather than the righteousness of God. Understanding what Christ has done for us and the grace God provides us through faith in…