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Sermons on Love Your Neighbor

AM – The Second Commandment

This morning we look at what Jesus called the second commandment: love your neighbor as yourself. It’s an idea simple enough to teach to our children, but one that’s often difficult to truly put into practice. Let’s explore 3 things that make it difficult to love our neighbors, and how we can overcome them to live out this essential part of our faith…

AM – The Old Me and the New Me: My Attitude Toward Others

This morning we complete our Sunday morning series on “The Old Me and the New Me” from Ephesians chapter 4.  We end with verses 31-32, which show us two very different ways we can relate to other people.  In a sinful world where people will hurt us, will my attitude  be like the “old self,” or can I grow to where the “new me” treats others more like Christ?

AM – A More Excellent Way

We are studying through 1 Corinthians on Sunday mornings, and in chapters 12-14 Paul discusses their attitude toward the miraculous spiritual gifts in the church during the apostles’ time.  The Corinthians were enthralled by these gifts, even considering some more desirable than others.  Paul tells them there is something far more crucial to the Christian life than gifts or talents, and it leads him to one of the best-known sections in all of Scripture and even all of literature, a passage that should still challenge us today…