A Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Family-oriented church committed to God, each other, and our community.

Our church family is made up of over 280 families, with all 5 current American generations well-represented, so there are lots of ways to encourage each other as we journey through life together.

Want to help serve within our church family? Here’s 5 ways you could get started:

1.   Encouraging Our Youth – We desire to have a youth and family program that draws strength from our entire church family, so we need lots of volunteers to help us raise the next generation of faith. Can you host a devotional? Can you help chaperone a youth event? Can you help teach one of our many youth and kids Bible classes? Can you help with Vacation Bible School? Can you be a mentor? Your time and influence could be a great encouragement to our young people as they grow.

If you are interested in encouraging our youth, please contact Matthew Higginbotham, our Youth Minister: mhigginbotham@greatoakstemp.ichthus.digital

2.  Encouraging Our College-Age Students – The college-age years are very fluid, and it can be difficult for a church family to keep relationships with those in the college stage. Great Oaks has a program called “The Network,” where our members volunteer to help encourage a young person in the college years. This is done by sending cards or care packages, keeping in regular communication with them, and making sure they know they have a church family that cares about them.

If you are interested in encouraging our college-age, please contact Aarek Farmer, our College and 20’s Minister: afarmer@greatoakstemp.ichthus.digital 

3.  Encouraging the Older Generation – Once every 3 months, a group gets together to encourage our Great Oaks shut-ins with a visit and a special delivery. Also, we have groups that visit local nursing homes twice a week, to encourage the residents with faith and friendship. We also have an opportunity each December to give helpful Christmas gifts for local nursing home residents.

If you are interested in encouraging the older generation, please contact the church office and we can help you get plugged in: office@greatoakstemp.ichthus.digital.

4.  Encouraging Our Assemblies – At every assembly, we have many people serving in a variety of ways. Can you help greet people as they come in the door? Can you help with our baby nursery or toddler nursery? Can you help with our sound room? Can you help lead our worship services? Can you help prepare the weekly Lord’s Supper? Can you be responsible for a month of locking up the building after our assemblies?

If you are interested in encouraging our assemblies, please contact our church office, and we can help you get plugged in: office@greatoakstemp.ichthus.digital.

5.  Encouraging with Cards and Prayers – Each Sunday we print a Prayer Sheet, to help guide our private prayers and also to give information for sending cards to those we are praying for. Our FOCUS fellowship teams also regularly give out opportunities to send cards, and we send prayer updates through email throughout the week. You can make a big difference by praying and sending a card!

If you are interested in encouraging with cards and prayers, please see our weekly prayer lists in our lobby or in the members section of the website, or get on our email list: office@greatoakstemp.ichthus.digital.


Below is our “GO” form, a great starting point for getting more involved here at Great Oaks…

Download (PDF, 194KB)

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